Visiting the Doctor in Austria



Austria is one of those countries where health care is not a problem. Most, if not all, hospitals and health centers are adequately equipped and doctors practice on international standards.

Under Austrian law, all medical centers, big or small, will be required to provide free emergency care to everyone regardless of insurance coverage. The rules on insurances will come after the emergency treatment has been given, so when a patient has to stay in the hospital for a few days, this will no longer be free and the appropriate insurance-related arrangements will now apply. Expats who are concerned about medical care overseas will find that there are also a good number of international health insurance providers in Austria which expatriates can always choose from.  

In Austria, a patient has to come to a clinic with a voucher issued by his insurer but not all doctors honor private insurance and a state-insured patient who is treated by a private practitioner will not be reimbursed. The number of vouchers that may be issued to insured patients is also limited to a certain number per year. To ensure private coverage, calling the clinic or a hospital in Austria prior to making an appointment is suggested. However, one issue with doctors in Austria is the long waiting lines in their clinics. It is still best to secure an appointment, especially with a specialist, when planning a visit.

In general, expats feel secure about healthcare in this country because they know they will get what is necessary when they need it.