QROPS in Austria

Expats of British origin who are currently living in Austria or planning to retire in the country are eligible to convert their QROPS in Austria to maximize pension tax relief. This also applies for Austrians who have worked in the United Kingdom and are going back to their homeland. Converting to a QROPS helps them avoid paying tax on any British private pensions they have accumulated while working in the United Kingdom.

Many UK expats choose to settle in Austria for its stable economy and high quality of life. Windsor Pensions, a leader in pension transfers, helps UK expats in Austria transfer to their pensions to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). Windsor has a long list of EU-based QROPS solutions that address varying needs of UK expats.

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Gower’s Horizon International Pension Plan makes possible the acquisition of well-studied, high-yielding QROPS investments that the expat to Austria and other countries might find interesting. When properly managed, these funds promise a high rate of return, as well as good tax savings.

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A highly promising investment such as a QROPS requires no less than the most proactive and dedicated manager for an investor. Therefore, expats in Austria turn to Gerrards International and its expertise and deep knowledge of the policies and rules covering QROPS solutions. As befits a recognized institution, Gerrards lives up to the standards and guarantees returns for their valued clients.

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