Tax Advisory in Austria

Expats who have been working in Austria for a period of more than six months are considered as residents of the country. Hence, they are subject to taxation on all the wages they earn from Austrian sources. Foreign nationals should keep in mind that Austria has double taxation agreements with more than 40 countries, and those who come from a country under this agreement do not need to pay tax on their Austrian-source income.

Tax credits, exclusions and deductions for expats are not all the same – they differ according to country, some may be claimed partly and others can’t at all. Getting professional assistance is a smart way to make all the system’s benefits accessible, including penalty prevention. In Austria, Andrew Baker of UK offers his 35-year expertise in personal taxation to expats.

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Taxes cannot simply be put off, no matter where one goes. This is why it's important for an expat to always consider his taxes and tax obligations. Tax Advisory Expatriates is an established consulting firm who can assist expats in Austria and in other parts of the world with their tax concerns. At a reasonable fee, the client can be certain that he will not be in a problematic situation because of his taxes.

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