Multi Trip Travel Insurance in The Bahamas

Travel insurance multi trip in The Bahamas is for travelers who visit the islands multiple times a year, allowing them to save on single trip renewal costs. It is no wonder this former British colony gets quite a sum of world tourists yearly. It is a consistent recipient of tourism awards, including the Crystal Palm Award given by the Caribbean Hotel Association which recognizes its excellence for tourism management.


International Medical Group provides several benefits to Bahamas expats who travel overseas several times within a twelve-month period. IMG provides several advantages to both individual and business plan holders, such as being able to pick a doctor or hospital of one's choice, round-the-clock and global access to emergency services, and discounts on medicines in any location around the world.

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People who live abroad face unique challenges that unique insurance coverage will be able to meet. This is what MultiNational Underwriters, through its wide portfolio of international and expat health insurance products, specializes in. In particular, multi-trip policy, Atlas Professional, provides comprehensive protection to Bahamas expats in a single sweep.

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