QROPS in The Bahamas

All of the Bahamian coins say 'Commonwealth of the Bahamas' and have the national coat of arms along with the year when it was minted, on one side. On the other side, the penny shows a starfish, the nickel has a pineapple, the dime has two bonefish, the 15 cent has a hibiscus, and the quarter has a sloop boat.

To allow expats to better control their retirement funds, the UK government introduced Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) that can receive UK pension rights. QROPS consolidate pensions into one managed fund. Many expats in the Bahamas trust Windsor Pensions for top-notch QROPS solutions. Windsor offers EU-based QROPS and sound financial advices.

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Expats to the Bahamas or other countries may take advantage of the benefits of a QROPS solutions with the help of Gower Pensions Management. Under their Horizon International Pension Plan, expats are assured that they will be given proper assistance and guidance in this most unique of investments.

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Gerrards International possesses rich knowledge and experience in handling QROPS investments, which they use to provide customized pension plans for the investing expat. The expat in the Bahamas, or anywhere else for that matter, therefore, is able to make sure that his money is kept in a legitimate and safe fund, and that his specific needs and requirements are addressed.

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