Tax Advisory in The Bahamas

Expat tax in The Bahamas is a highly favorable prospect for all foreigners living in the islands. In fact, it may not even exist, there being no taxes on profits, dividends or income, and no capital gains tax, withholding tax nor sales tax. Perhaps the only taxes expats need to think about are those they owe their home countries, such as in the case of Americans who still have to report to the US Internal Revenue Service wherever in the globe they have relocated.

A personal taxation expert can help expatriates in lowering their taxes, ensuring full compliance with requirements that specifically cover expats, and eventually avoid the troubles of a tax audit and the potential imposition of penalties. Andrew Baker is an established provider of this service, trusted by clients in the Bahamas and beyond for no less than three and a half decades today.

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Expat taxes are among the primary worries of any expat to the Bahamas or other parts of the world. As much as one wants to avoid taxes, everyone knows there are inescapable duties. Tax Advisory Expatriates, with their team of experienced, smart and professional tax advisors, makes sure that their expat clients know everything they need to know about their taxes.

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