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The government of Bahrain is continuing to build colleges and schools in an attempt to improve education in the country. Still, only the wealthiest Bahrainis tend to get educated in the best British or American universities in the country. At present, there is an 85% literacy rate in Bahrain, with the other 15% of the population unable to read the Arabic script.


There are government and public schools, both overseen by the Ministry of Education for native Arab children, but not generally those of the expat working population, who have private schools they can attend. All the classes in the public schools are taught in the Arabic language, although English is taught as a foreign language. The public schools are generally segregated between male and female students, however, private schools normally have both male and female students in attendance.


The private schools are usually taught in English, and teach not only foreign students but also children of some wealthy Bahrainis who choose to send their children to receive a private education. The private schools include pre kindergarten and kindergartens, primary schools, elementary, secondary and high schools. A typical school in Bahrain has hours from 8 in the morning until 2:30 PM, running from Saturday until Wednesday.

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