Emergency Numbers in Bahrain



Living a secured life in another country is more than enjoying material comfort. Awareness can be the real key, but an expat need to be aware on how to find emergency help.

In Bahrain, there are many ways to get emergency attention for different situations. For medical emergencies, the number to dial is 998 for an ambulance and 199 for road accidents. Although all emergency numbers in Bahrain are functional, ambulance or medical services may not come as quickly as needed and expats are encouraged to call a neighbor, friend or relative instead to bring them to the nearest hospital. Still, everyone is happy to receive Bahrain's free medical services which also enjoy a first-class reputation.

For fire accidents, the number to dial is 997. For legal or police situations, the national hotline is 999 while for traffic emergencies, call 199. There are also emergency numbers connecting to area-specific police stations, including:

East Riffa Police 1777 3158
West Riffa 1766 4606
Exhibition Road 1755 0629
Hawak 1784 9009 
Hidd police station   1767 1212
Hoora 1729 1555
Naim 1725 8210
Samaheej 1733 4401
Umm-Al Hasam 1772 8229
Zallaq 1763 1211

For household emergencies, the number to dial is 8000 1810; for drainage repairs, 1751 5555; for electricity repairs; and 1751 555 for water supply-related problems. For violence against women, one may call 1787 0302. Expats can also find assistance and support by visiting their nearest embassy in Bahrain.



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