Having a Baby in Bahrain



Having a baby in Bahrain will not be a hard decision to make as the country has many hospitals and maternity centers fully equipped to make birthing a safe and comfortable experience for both expat mother and her child.

Finding an obstetrician is the first step that any pregnant expat needs to do in order to receive appropriate care. Locating an obstetrician can be done by touring the hospitals in the area. Most women, however, prefer to give birth in the Salmaniya and BDF state hospitals which are fully equipped and staffed by competent medical professionals. There is no special process for obtaining prenatal checkups and language will not be a barrier as most obstetricians, midwives and nurses speak English. When choosing an obstetrician, one should first check if international health insurance applies and covers prenatal and postnatal care.  

In Bahrain, it is wise to research on the different hospitals' policies regarding births. Although all of them offer pain relief, most obstetricians and midwives highly recommend giving birth without medication, except to manage conditions such as eclampsia or preeclampsia. When choosing a hospital, it is also wise to check payment policies. Some hospitals offer packages while some charge per individual service given from labor to care after delivery. Further cost considerations should include private health insurance coverage and whether it will be full or partial. In other cases, expat women are usually covered by their own employers.  

In Bahrain, dual citizenship does not apply and children may only acquire Bahraini citizenship if they are born of Bahraini fathers.

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