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In terms of health and protection, people tend to ignore the necessity of insurance, thinking that even without insurance coverage they can just manage to shell out just as much cash as they would if they were to pay for insurance regularly.

Medical costs or damage costs always tend to be more expensive than you would expect, and you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you underestimate the costs of emergencies or treatments. Learn more about the importance of insurance especially when you’re living in Bahrain. 

Getting Insurance

Bahrain has a thriving insurance industry. Getting different types of insurance based on your needs will not be difficult. There are several options available for you in local, international, and regional insurance coverage. You can open a discussion with your fellow colleagues or ask your HR manager where to start.

The Bahrain Insurance Association has most of the best insurance companies in the country. If you are signing up for local insurance, it’s best to check if they are members of this association. There are several local insurance companies with a good reputation on general insurance such as BNI, where you can get quotes via their website or email. You can also get local insurance coverage for general insurance from the Central Bank of Bahrain by emailing, calling, or dropping by their office to inquire about their insurance service.

Many prominent international insurance providers also have offices and offer their service in Bahrain.

For example, Metlife insurance for:

  • Life
  • Savings
  • Retirement
  • Travel
  • Accident
  • Health

Simply go to their website or send them an email to get a free quote for their services. Other companies with coverage in the Middle East are also available in Bahrain. Several international health insurance providers such as AXA have specialised middle-eastern regional offices. Bahrain-Kuwait Insurance also provides a middle-eastern regional coverage for general insurance. These companies can be easily contacted to ask for quotes and more information for products and services.

Importance of Insurance

The expat lifestyle in Bahrain can be quite effortless and luxurious, which is why thinking of insurance might not be the most common thing for expats in this country. However, there are still several things you need to consider when you’re an expat abroad. The value of insurance is not just in claiming your policy when you have an emergency. It can also be very useful for your regular lifestyle, such as getting fitness consultations, signing up for road-side assistance, or even when you’re trying to invest money.

Insurance can be more than just for your peace of mind while you’re living in Bahrain. It can also be used to improve your lifestyle through the myriad of available services in each type of insurance you sign up for. It’s just a matter of knowing more about the policies and the coverage that you can get.

Local Insurance

According to Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, all foreign and local employees should register and have access to the General Organization for Social Insurance. Employers of expats are required to pay 3% of the employee’s base salary and allowances to support their local social security.

The local public insurance of Bahrain is quite efficient; however, most expats in the country still prefer to get private international insurance. The convenience of not having to sign up and cancel insurance policies every time you move can be a big deal when you’re an expat living overseas. It also gives you the flexibility to travel more frequently or have a more hassle-free move to different countries when you have an international coverage instead of a local one.

Nevertheless, there are several trusted local insurance providers in the country, and there are also several companies that offer regional insurance coverage throughout the middle-east such as Bahrain Kuwait Insurance.



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