Health Risks in Bahrain



The standard of healthcare in Bahrain is dependable for all expats, whether they seek it with the state’s social health scheme or through private health insurance.

While there are no official health risks that exist today in Bahrain, it is wise to be aware of some diseases that may be contracted due to the tropical conditions of the country.  

Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria are something to be watchful for, although cases remain isolated. Cases of AH1N1 infections are mild and in control. In a few cases, deaths were reported but these are not directly due to the virus but preexisting or underling conditions that compromise the patients' immune system, making them unable to fight the infection. Yellow fever is another disease one may contract from mosquito bites. It is, thus, advisable to free one's home of exposed water where these insects can breed. Mosquito repellents will also go a long way as well as using anti-mosquito sprays around enclosed areas.

Gastric-related diseases are also common illnesses in Bahrain for expatriates who have just arrived and are not yet adjusted to local food. Cases are also mild and in control but precautionary measures such as drinking bottled water and avoiding undercooked meat or fish-based dishes can help to minimize the chances of being affected.

There are clearly no serious health risks in Bahrain but everyone can benefit from basic protective practices to ensure good health. It is also wise to check with one's international health insurance Bahrain provider for issues regarding coverage.