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Healthcare in Bahrain is as promising as its economy, which is the fastest growing in the Arab world. The Bahraini government ensures a premium health service for its people in recognition of the fact that they are responsible for the nation's growth. 

Bahrain’s healthcare system provides its population of 1.4 million individuals with highly skilled, world-class medical practitioners and the latest medical research. Healthcare expenditure is accountable for 4.5% the national GDP and currently, the public healthcare system features state-of-the-art facilities and newly discovered diagnostic techniques that all work together to provide the highest quality of healthcare to its people. Bahrain’s overall healthcare system is divided into two: the private and the public sector whereas the latter offer free or highly subsidised services. 

Primary Healthcare 

Generally speaking, Bahrain has three stages of healthcare which are the primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary level is the cornerstone of the Bahraini healthcare system which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Treatment is free for Bahraini nationals while the cost of service for expatriates is around Three Dinar per visit. This level represents the first line of contact or support for patients. It is also supported by an extensive network of referral system to specialists that are under the secondary level. Currently, the Primary Health Care has 22 health centres that offer a range of curative and preventive services such as: 

  • Management of chronic diseases and acute illnesses
  • Urgent Care
  • Minor surgeries
  • Oral Health services
  • Child Health and Screening
  • Immunisation
  • Maternal care
  • Elderly and Clients with special needs 

Hospitals in Bahrain 

At present, the country's existing healthcare consists of three full service private hospitals manned by Bahraini and expatriate medical professionals trained abroad, four government hospitals, 19 health centres, five government maternity hospitals and various private practitioners with varied specializations from neurosurgery to dentistry. The main hospital for secondary and tertiary care as well as the first public hospital in Bahrain is the Salmaniya Medical Complex which is located in Manama District. Other prominent hospitals in the state that expats can consider for their healthcare needs are: 

Medical care is afforded to every resident of the country through public medical services that are often free. Although hospitals are equipped with both human and technical resources to provide first-rate care to its patients, the health sector is adopting the US and Western Europe patterns of extending assistance to those in need by providing private medical services in the form of private health insurance, which is more needed by expats in Bahrain. 

Medicines and Pharmacies 

Most medicines are available in Bahrain but expats should be prepared that medications in their home country may not be available over the counter. It is always best to bring your prescription when ordering medicines in Bahrain and in any case that it is unavailable, the pharmacist should be able to order it for you. Keep in mind that any prescription medicines brought into the country must be accompanied by a letter that is signed and stamped by a registered doctor/medical practitioner. The letter should also state that the medicine is strictly for personal use. Pharmacies in Bahrain are mostly open 24hours a day and some of them are: 

  • Al Hakma Pharmacy & Supermarket (24hours)

Bldg 938, Rd 80, Jidhafs,

Tel: +973 1755 5835 

  • Nasser Pharmacy (Open until 11 pm)

Manama Road

Tel: +973 – 17740900 

  • Al Fateh Pharmacy

Bldg-161, Rd-40, Blk-324,

Tel: +973 3664 8369 

  • Al Hidd Pharmacy

Bldg-295, Rd-208, Blk-102, Hidd

Tel: +973 3311 1610


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