Pet Import Regulations in Bahrain



Pet transport to Bahrain can be done two ways - one is by having the pet as a passenger’s checked in baggage and the other is by having it as cargo.

There is a lot to prepare for when expats plan to take pets abroad to Bahrain. Generally, it is permitted to bring small pets such as birds, hamsters and small canines in the cabin as long as the animals are contained in convenient, sanitary cages. A written permission has to be secured from the civil aviation manager, however, for pet relocationinvolving large animals.  

Upon arriving in Bahrain, it is expected that all animals come with the necessary documents. For example, birds should be imported with a permit to be obtained from the Veterinary Quarantine in Bahrain prior to the flight. Cats and dogs from all countries are allowed provided they come with an import permit, a Health Certificate, valid for one month, stating the animals are free of any diseases and a Vaccination Certificate, valid for 6 months, stating they have complete vaccinations. There is no required period for quarantine for all dogs and cats except those coming from Canada and the United States which will be held by authorities for 30 days regardless of documents submitted. For more specific requirements from country to country, it is wise to hire experts in international pet relocationto avoid inconvenience.

The Bahraini Health Authority will automatically ban admission of all animals without the documents and certifications required for relocating pets to Bahrain. The BHA may even have them killed once they are already in the territory. Sometimes, the owners may appeal for having the pets brought back to their countries of origin.  

In cases that involve more detailed instructions and requirements, it is best to hire pet relocation services to avoid legal issues and ensure a smooth pet import process.

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