Visiting the Doctor in Bahrain



Visiting the doctor in Bahrain is not something expatriates struggle with in Bahrain. Often, they may simply walk into a hospital, find a clinic that can take in another patient and receive medical attention.

The backbone of Bahrain’s healthcare system is composed of world-class doctors who are usually trained either in Europe or the USA. A hospital in Bahrain may come under the supervision of Bahrain’s Ministry of Health or, when found in military establishments, the Ministry of the Interior. While it is always better to consult a doctor who is recommended by locals or other expats, the yellow pages can also be alternative source of information about doctors in Bahrain, most of whom advertise their services.

Even if an expat is covered by international health insurance in Bahrain, there will no problem when switching doctors of choice. In public hospitals, it can take longer to get medical care due to the large volume of patients coming in but the government's national free health services provides security for all, including expats. Appointments may be set but not earlier than three days prior to the preferred date of consultation. Patients who need to undergo surgery are scheduled usually between 9am and 1pm or from 5 to 8pm, sometimes on the same day as the consultation, but in emergency cases, the patient will be attended to at once.

Bahrain's free healthcare services have an enviable reputation in the world for the country’s population of 1, 439, 273 people. For Bahrain’s expat population of 55%, the well-established healthcare system is just another reason to rejoice for finding their way in this Middle East country.