Expat Insurance Services in Bahrain

There are several insurance companies operating in Bahrain that offer clients a variety of insurance services for just about every insurance need. However, foreign insurance companies are not allowed in Bahrain unless they have a local partner. Tourists visiting Bahrain should have travel insurance.


There are four state run and three private hospitals in Bahrain, not counting a large number of state run health centres and 5 state run maternity hospitals. Most doctors in Bahrain are from elsewhere. The Bahrain Royal Medical Services provides free healthcare to military personal, but not to civilians. Health Insurance costs about $50 a month, dental insurance even more. However Bahrain now has a public health service offering free or low cost insurance to Bahrainis, with expats also currently eligible. Despite this, the Bahraini Government has announced it intends to make medical insurance mandatory for expats by the year 2013. Foreign health insurance is acceptable, and it can also be purchased online from within Bahrain.


The quality of healthcare in Bahrain is considered very high, with the small population and abundant hospitals translating into short waiting times for the patient. However, highly specialized treatment is less available there and may require travelling outside Bahrain.

Health Insurance in Bahrain

Compare health insurance providers for expats living in Bahrain. We have detailed information on plan features, premium rates and add-ons. Request for a more details and a free quote today!

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Business Health Insurance in Bahrain

Employers in Bahrain compete to get the best workers in the market. To help boost your employee benefits, check out our selection of corporate health insurance solutions. Request for free quotes.

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Life Insurance in Bahrain

Expats in Bahrain must regularly assess whether they are still adequately insured. Since financial goals and resources change, it is important to know if additional life insurance coverage is needed. Speak with an expert for guidance.

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Car Insurance in Bahrain

It is advisable to know about insurance providers before moving to Bahrain. For car insurance plans, check out our updated resources. We have detailed information on policies, rates and add-on features.

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Property Insurance in Bahrain

Whether you are moving to Bahrain or elsewhere, purchasing a property insurance is important. This plan protects items during and after the relocation process, and usually includes free liability insurance. Request for a free quote today!

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Home Insurance in Bahrain

Compare home insurance providers, policies and premium rates. Expats in Bahrain may browse our resources for tips in choosing the right insurance policy. Ask for free expert advice and quotes.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Bahrain

Bahrain is an exciting destination for expats and tourists. Before preparing for your trip, find a reputable provider for your single-trip travel insurance. This short-term insurance offers medical coverage for individuals and their families.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Bahrain

Travel to Bahrain with ease. Know about multi-trip insurance plans from our updated resources. This short-term travel insurance covers medical expenses abroad. The usual coverage ranges from 30 days to 45 days.

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