Car Insurance in Bahrain

Getting international car insurance in Bahrain is hardly an issue for most expats, with the country's flourishing insurance market posting a 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) within the period of 2001 - 2010. On top of that, the car insurance segment actually posted the most growth, according to the Central Bank of Bahrain 2010 report. This only means one thing for expats - there will be an attractive array of options of international car insurance Bahrain that can comfortably accommodate their needs and budget.

Clements Worldwide, a leading US insurance company, offers Bahrain-based expats a comprehensive auto insurance plan. The International Car Insurance covers for physical damage, third party liability and political violence (riots, strikes, rebellion, war, etc.). This plan also includes rental insurance reimbursement and custom duty options. To get a free quote, visit

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