Expat Finance Services in Bahrain

The currency in Bahrain since 1965 is the Bahraini Dinar. In 1965 it replaced the Gulf Rupee as the nation's currency. Since 2001 its value has been pegged to the US dollar at a steady rate of almost US $2.66 being the value of one Dinar. It is currently the second most valuable currency unit in the world, just behind the Kuwaiti Dinar. There are bank notes in currency for the half dinar, as well as for 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinars.


Bahrainis prefer cash, and some haggling is expected when shopping in the Middle East. There are strict rules for getting a bank account in Bahrain. Anyone holding a valid residence visa may open a bank account in Bahrain. Another requirement is an authorizing letter from one's employer stipulating one's salary. Many banks will also want to see copies of one's passport and rental lease. Dependant family members can be sponsored for their own accounts.


There are no restrictions on money entering or leaving Bahrain. All banks in Bahrain will issue their customers credit and debit cards, international cards will work at many ATMS but there will be an added surcharge. Some machines will return the cash back into the machine if it is not removed quickly. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards.

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Currency Exchange in Bahrain

Want to forward money or pay for a huge purchase across the globe from Bahrain? Take a look at different foreign exchange specialists and see which one offers the most competitive exchange rates.

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Current Account in Bahrain

Find a Bahrain current account that provides for your special needs as an expat, like reduced money transfer fees abroad and 24-hour account access. Search now!

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Offshore Savings in Bahrain

In Bahrain or wherever, you can keep your money in handy by maintaining an offshore savings account. Find out about the different products available and compare now!

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Expat Mortgages in Bahrain

There are several foreign mortgage companies in Bahrain that cater to expats. Start comparing offshore mortgage professionals and inquire for free today!

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Financial Advice in Bahrain

As an expat in Bahrain, you can meet your objectives for investing by exploring ways to grow your investment portfolio. Have your risk profile checked by a financial consultant now!

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Expat Savings in Bahrain

Bahrain, a wealthy Gulf country, is home to expats from various parts of the world. For helpful information on the best financial solutions for expats, contact a financial adviser today.

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QROPS in Bahrain

Many UK expats choose Bahrain as their second home. There are Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes that help expats in Bahrain maximise their personal and occupational pensions. Call a QROPS expert for details.

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Online Broker in Bahrain

Expats in Bahrain may participate in stock markets, currency markets and others via online platforms. Check out our comparative list of brokers with their services and rates. We ensure that you'll always get the best deal.

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US Expat Tax in Bahrain

Americans living in Bahrain are reminded to file US tax returns on their worldwide income each year. There are experts willing to extend advice on tax returns, tax planning, etc.

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Tax Advisory in Bahrain

Expats living in Bahrain need to pay a 1% social insurance tax, equivalent to income tax imposed in other countries. For assistance on the preparation and filing of tax returns, tax planning and more, speak with an expert.

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