Tax Advisory in Bahrain

It is crucial that expatriates understand the Expat Tax system in Bahrain. The existence of an income tax system as in the US or the UK is still in progress. This makes Expat Tax in Bahrain a confusing matter since it is not always clear whether filling of tax is required. It is advisable to find advice on Expat Tax in Bahrain from a tax specialist and preparation help can put you on the right track to the best returns and least stress.

Expatriates tend to have complicated tax situations because many countries keep collecting taxes from their nationals, even if they have moved abroad. A UK-based taxation expert who can help expats in Bahrain is Andrew Baker, who boasts a 35-year experience in the industry.

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Moving to Bahrain involves arrangements with private institutions (banks, mortgage lenders, insurers, etc.) and government tax offices. Expats in this oil-rich country are required to pay a 1% social insurance tax in lieu of the income tax imposed in other jurisdictions. Tax Advisory Expatriates helps expats on tax returns, tax planning and other related matters. It also provides legal advice and research materials on Bahrain.

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