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Moving Services in Bahrain

25% of Bahrain's rather small population is made up of expatriates, and Bahrain is considered tolerant to expats, even so many British nationals have temporarily left on advice of their Foreign Office due to tensions with nearby Iran. Furthermore, Bahrain has placed a curfew on its waterways between 6 PM and 4 AM, which must be respected. Identification should also be carried at all times.


Those arriving in Bahrain should know that airport security will detain anyone who is suspected of being intoxicated. Any DVDs or videotapes brought into Bahrain will also be withheld at the airport. Also revealing clothing and immodest behaviour is frowned upon and should be avoided in public when in Bahrain. Homosexual behaviour in Bahrain is highly illegal.


Anyone entering Bahrain needs a visa, unless they hold a passport from a fellow Gulf Cooperation Council state. Two types of Visa are granted: Work Visas, and Residency Visas. The fee is 200 Dinars for a Work Visa, and approval requires a health record free of transmissible disease, as well as sponsorship by a potential employer who must process much of the application. Residency or Family Visas are only 90 Dinars, and also require health records for all accompanying family members. Bahrain intends to make Medical Insurance required for all expatriates living in Bahrain by 2013.

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