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What does it take to protect your family before moving to Belarus? Health and protection insurance are often ignored subjects when moving abroad, even though it should be one of the most important things you need to think of as an expat. In Belarus, expats and tourists are now obliged to have medical insurance, but there are so many other things you can get aside from emergency medical protection while you’re living in Belarus. Explore the many services and benefits you can get when you have the best insurance coverage for all types of insurance you will need while you’re living abroad.

Getting Insurance

Getting insurance as an expat in Belarus can be quite easy, though it might be better to get insurance before you arrive in the country, as the government states that every foreigner entering the country should have medical insurance, and while you’re at it, getting the rest of your insurance needs before you move should be a breeze through websites and emails.

The obligatory insurance for foreigners is offered by several local insurance companies like Belgosstrakh. It would be wise to get a local insurance for all kinds of obligatory insurance required by the Republic of Belarus as they would be more specialised in the specific rules and regulations needed in the insurance policies compared to international insurance companies.

Aside from prominent and reputable local insurance providers, there are also several international insurance providers that can also provide the same services such as the international insurance brokerage firm, Pacific Prime.

Importance of Insurance

Belarus can be quite an interesting place to live in, but it is far from perfect, which is also why the government requires any foreign national to get medical insurance before they enter the country. The necessity for insurance in a country like this is more apparent than others, as medical services may not be very easily accessible outside major cities like Minsk.

Aside from the need for self-assurance, there are also several services you can get from insurance policies that you may not know. Insurance can save you money even for the most basic services such as a routine medical check-up or a dietary plan consultation. General insurance plans can also help you with providing investment schemes, signing up with road-side services and much more. There are definitely a lot of neglected services in every insurance plan that you can use to get your money’s worth when you sign up for insurance policies abroad.

Local Insurance in Belarus

The Belarusian Insurance Company is the dominant local insurance company in the country. It is also the insurance company recommended by the country to get the obligatory insurance plans for foreigners who enter the country. The government requirement for insurance make it easier for expats to just sign up with a local insurance company instead of an international one to make sure the requirements are met while they’re living in Belarus.

While local insurance services is not hard to get in the country, most expats still prefer a private insurance company for their insurance plans. Speak to an advisor and compare with what other colleagues are doing inside your company for the Belarus office. Expats can benefit from several services that only international insurance companies can provide, and also the convenience of having a wider range of coverage no matter where you go in the world.



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