Serviced Apartments in Belarus

Serviced apartments in Belarus are preferred by expats, especially as they (except Russians) are not allowed to buy land. Even native Belarusians are limited to one- hectare residential land purchases, with 90% of agricultural land owned by the State. Foreigners are allowed to lease non-agricultural land, however, with terms of up to 99 years.

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SutkiMinsk Apartment

SutkiMinsk Apartment offers the best living accommodations to individuals who are traveling to Minsk, Belarus. Being a foreigner in Minsk will never be a problem because the staff members of SutkiMinsk Apartment represent the unique hospitality of locals in Belarus.

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Royal Stay Group Apartments 2

Royal Stay Group Apartments 2 is being located in the historical heart of Minsk. It sets a welcoming environment for business travelers and expats who are looking for a home away from home in Belarus. It is also famous for being an inexpensive option when it comes to apartments in Minsk.

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Prime Apartments

Prime Apartments provides leisure and care for its diverse guests all year round. As the primary choice when it comes to apartments in Belarus, it serves quality services and welcoming accommodations to its guests. The apartment units here are cozy and comfortable like you are just staying in your home.

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If you are looking for a cozy serviced apartment to stay in Minsk, Belarus then Aparton is what you need. Aparton keeps its guests as its number one priority when it comes to quality services. Aparton is convenient for people who are visiting Belarus for pleasure and corporate purposes.

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Apartments Service Minsk

Visiting Belarus is a stress-free experience if you stay at the Apartments Service Minsk. This modern establishment takes pride in providing cost-effective yet high-end serviced apartments. Perfect for business travelers and family vacationers, Apartments Service Minsk is your temporary home in Minsk.

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