Tax Advisory in Belarus

A foreigner is subject to expat tax in Belarus if he has stayed in the country continuously for more than 183 days within a year. Rates are progressive, starting from 9%-30%, with dividends with a final 15% withholding tax. Expats should also check with their home countries for any double taxation treaties with Belarus.

Neglecting the complications of expat taxation could lead to unwelcome surprises. By implementing the right measures, however, pricey penalties and debt could be averted. With a professional experience spanning almost four decades, UK personal taxation guru, Andrew Baker, is a trusted name in expat taxation services in Belarus.

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The tax liabilities are already very complicated and if they are unchecked or ignored, are sure to be problematic for any expat in Belarus or in another country. This is why having a tax advisor like Tax Advisory Expatriates is very welcome. This global consulting firm provides quality services and advice, valuably answering all tax-related questions of the expats.

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