Choosing where to live in Brussels




Brussels is divided into 19 communes including the city proper. Here are some of the areas that you can choose from


This is situated just to the south of Brussels centre. It is an ideal relocation place for you if you are planning to work for the numerous international companies based there. The accommodations range from apartments with reasonable prices to expensive townhouses. Ixelles is also the home of a couple of prestigious schools like the Brussels English Primary School and the European School III.

St Gilles

St Gilles is also conveniently located near the heart of the city. Transportation will be easy for you since it is close to bus stations. Compared to Ixelles, this area offers cheaper apartments with a more laid back vibe. Shops, cinemas, and indoor malls are also in this area.


It is considered one of the best residential place for expats in Brussels. It has a wide selection of apartments, villas, single-family houses. It is recommended if you are planning to move in with your children since it has a vast greenery and a location of different international schools.


Located in the north part of Brussels, it has 140 different nationalities living in it. It has beautiful buildings and townhouses for you to choose from. Sherbeek is also known for having wide streets, large recreational spaces, schools and cultural centres.


This is a family-friendly area located in the East of Brussels. The south part has the most beautiful villas and plots while the north is more modest when it comes to the houses and offers cheaper rents. This suburb is one of the most peaceful areas for expats in Brussels.