Emergency Numbers in Belgium



Knowing how and where to call for help during emergencies is essential to every expat, especially if you are not yet familiar with your surroundings.

In Belgium, emergency units have advanced equipment and skilled emergency response teams to ensure proper and timely attention when needed. For all types of emergencies, including fire, medical, police and search and rescue, an expat may call the European SOS by dialling 112. After dialling, the caller must specify to the operator the type of emergency at hand for appropriate help to be dispatched immediately.

Emergency hotlines

The emergency number 112 may be dialled anywhere in Belgium and in Europe and from any landline or mobile phone. For medical or fire emergencies, report to the local Belgian hotline (100) which can provide assistance. For police emergencies, one may call 101. Other useful numbers to take note of are 070 245 245 for the Belgian Anti-poison unit and 103 for emergencies involving children.

More numbers for more specific types of emergencies are found on the white pages so expats are encouraged to spend time skimming over telephone directories and taking down notes. It is wise to save all these numbers in one's mobile phone or list them down on a clean sheet of paper to be put in a spot where people in the house can easily find it. Expats will find that having international health insurance can come in handy when a medical emergency strike, as it can give expats some peace of mind when matters such as medical bills.


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