Pet Import Regulations in Belgium



Belgium does not require animals to be quarantined, but there are specific conditions to be met and documents to be submitted to ensure a smooth import of animals into the country.

Expats who are planning to import their pets to Belgium will need to be aware of the requirements involved. For instance, all animals coming to Belgium need to come with their own passports. They are also required to have a microchip ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785 for identification.

EU regulations

Documents will also be required, including an EU Vet Health Certificate to be accomplished by an accredited veterinarian no earlier than four months prior to departure of the animal, and an International Health Certificate, also to be issued still by an accredited veterinarian no earlier than ten days before departure and an import permit. Health certificates must indicate the animals have had full vaccinations four weeks before arrival and are free from all sickness.

These requirements hold for all animals but for those coming from non-EU countries or those not in the EU approved list (found on the Europa Animal Health and Welfare website) will have to undergo a special blood test a month after the animals' rabies vaccination and three months before departure for Belgium. This test is to be administered only by an EU-approved laboratory.

With a population of 11,176,382 people, Belgium allows up to five animals per pet owner. In order to ensure the smooth import of animals to the country, it is wise to use the services of a pet relocation company.
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