Expat Insurance Services in Belgium

Government health insurance in Belgium is mandatory, usually paid for out of withholdings from income, and it covers most basic health care for Belgians as well as foreigners working in Belgium. The self employed must contribute 7.35 percent of their income, while other employees pay 3.55 percent in withholdings, their employers paying the other 3.8 percent. Foreigners in Belgium who do not work (eg. Retirees) must show proof of expatriate health insurance in order to get a residency permit.


All who work in Belgium must designate one of several health insurance funds, while some of these funds are only legally open to members of certain religious, political or professional groups, most of them are open to all. Policies additionally cover all dependent family members of the enrolee. Medical claims usually cannot be made until six months after enrolment in a fund, and expenses must be paid to the doctor up front, with a waiting period for insurance reimbursements, which are usually 75% of the medical expenses, but 85 or 90 percent for special cases such as widows. Prescriptions can be billed directly to the health insurance fund by registering with a pharmacist. Additional health coverage may also be purchased privately.

Health Insurance in Belgium

Before travelling to Belgium, make sure that you have adequate health insurance protection. We have a list of insurance providers, including detailed information on policy coverage, rates and more. Get a free quote today!

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Business Health Insurance in Belgium

Free access to medical benefits is one of the factors that drives employees to excel. Compare corporate health insurance plans for your company’s workers in Belgium. Ask for free quotes today!‏

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Life Insurance in Belgium

Expats in Belgium are advised to secure adequate life insurance protection. Check out our selection of insurance providers for information on policies, benefits and premium rates. Ask for free quotes online.

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Car Insurance in Belgium

Get coverage for collision, third party liability and excess liability in one car insurance plan. Know about insurance providers in Belgium, as well as policies, add-on features and premium rates.

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Property Insurance in Belgium

Relocating to Belgium as an expat needs sufficient preparation. Get a comprehensive property insurance to ensure the safety of your personal belongings during transit and at the destination. Ask for a quote today!

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Home Insurance in Belgium

Find the right home insurance plan in Belgium. Expats are advised to select a plan that includes cover for employers’ liability and emergency travel. Some insurance providers also allow expats to customise their coverage.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Belgium

Belgium welcomes millions of visitors every year. Experience this wonderful European destination with a single-trip travel insurance. Check out our selection of insurance providers for tips in choosing the right insurance for you.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Belgium

Take multiple trips to Belgium and to other overseas destination with a multi-trip travel insurance. This short-term protection covers medical treatment and offers discounts on medicines abroad. Seek expert advice for more information.

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