Expat Finance Services in Belgium

The currency in Belgium since 2002 is the Euro. In 2002 it replaced the Belgian Franc as the nation's currency. Belgium (a part of Benelux since 1948) is one of the twelve original European Union nations to adopt the euro, represented by the twelve stars on the design of the euro coins and notes. Coins are issued for 1 one and two euros, notes for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros.


Belgium is the country that has the most bank branches per person in the world, but the major ones are currently KBC, Fortis, and ING Bank. Practically all banking in Belgium can easily be done online with an internet connection. In fact, Belgium is the only country in the world that has true online only banks where it is never even necessary to see the banker.


It is easy to open an account with simply a passport in Belgium. This entitles the holder to a debit card which works the same as any debit card. It is also possible to get a cash card and reload it with cash at an ATM for making purchases. These cash cards do not require a pin number to be used.

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Currency Exchange in Belgium

Making a huge purchase or sending money abroad from Belgium? Check out foreign exchange firms and make comparisons to take advantage of the market's best exchange rates.

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Current Account in Belgium

Flexibility and convenience are crucial to your unique transactions as an expat. Find a current account that provides you both and more today!

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Offshore Savings in Belgium

Expats in Belgium can manage their saving requirements better with an account that is crafted for their global needs. Compare account packages today!

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Expat Mortgages in Belgium

If you're looking for an expat mortgage opportunity in Belgium, no problem! Begin by comparing offshore mortgage consultants, inquire and get a quote - all these for free!

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Financial Advice in Belgium

Attain your investment goals as an expat in Belgium by knowing how to establish your investment portfolio. Get a risk profile assessment by a financial specialist!

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Expat Savings in Belgium

Belgium is a major financial centre and expat destination. Most global banks and asset managers have strong presence in the country, giving expats a wide selection of savings and investment products. Speak with a financial adviser for details.

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QROPS in Belgium

Belgium is one of Europe’s major financial centres. There are various Belgium-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes that receive UK pension transfers. For details, speak with a QROPS expert today!

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Online Broker in Belgium

Expats in Belgium may participate in global currency and stock trading via reputable online brokers. Compare platforms, services and rates to ensure only the best deals. Investing in capital markets is made easy for expats!

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US Expat Tax in Belgium

As required by the US government, all US citizens must pay taxes on their worldwide income. Americans living in Belgium as expats are advised to seek assistance from trusted experts.

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Tax Advisory in Belgium

All citizens and resident expats in Belgium are required to pay income tax. For assistance on the preparation and filing of tax returns, speak with qualified tax specialists. Make an enquiry today!

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