Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Belize

Purchasing travel insurance multi trip Belize is a better option for travelers who come to this island nation multiple times a year. With a multiple policy, one can save on single trip policy renewal fees with each departure. Belize has been welcoming an increasing number of foreign tourists over the years, especially businessmen who are impressed by the island nation’s 1st freest in the 2011 index.


Multi-trip travel insurance coverage is a well-known specialty of International Medical Group for expats living in or traveling to Belize and beyond. Aside from its competitive medical insurance products, IMG’s success is also driven by its devoted staff passionately working to nurture its growing client base for over two decades today.

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Expats in Belize know too well that for their particular needs as global travelers, only the right travel insurance policy is enough. MultiNational Underwriters, through its Atlas Professional policy, is exactly what this community requires. While it is a pioneering multi-trip coverage provider, MNU never ceases to evolve as it strives to provide the timeliest and most relevant benefits to its clients.

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