QROPS in Belize

QROPS in Belize is possible through service providers who can provide the right advice on how a UK pension can be converted to this scheme. However, such conversion is possible only for UK pensioners who have left the UK but are not domiciled. To avoid disciplinary tax charges, professional advice is needed.

Windsor Pensions is a respected name when it comes to UK pension transfers. It handles pension transfers to EU-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) solutions at affordable rates. Many UK expats in Belize choose Windsor for its simple rules and top-notch customer service.

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A reliable partner and advisor is a must when venturing into high-rate and competitively priced investments such as QROPS. Gower Pensions Management understands this and provides expats in Belize and in the rest of the world the necessary advice and expertise in order to make the most out of this investment.

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Gerrards International is one of the leading pension managers in the world. It provides customized, dedicated and superb service for its clients. Expats in Belize who have invested in their QROPS solutions know this very well. The quality of service given by Gerrards far exceeds many expectations.

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