Tax Advisory in Belize

Expat tax in Belize will consist of taxes on all money earned within Belize, but all foreign-sourced income will be tax-free. It is wise to check if taxes have to be paid in one’s home country, however, such as the case of US expats who are required by law to submit to the US Internal Revenue Service even while living abroad.

It is not always necessary for expats to pay two governments once they have moved to a new country. That’s because many nations have active tax treaties with other nations in order to prevent double taxation. In Belize, UK tax specialist Andrew Baker uses his 35-year industry experience to help straighten out facts for expats.

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Tax Advisory Expatriates is a global tax advisor that helps expats in Belize and in other parts of the world manage their tax concerns while they work, study or travel abroad. Tax liabilities are serious concerns that should be managed properly, and Tax Advisory Expatriates offers reliable and professional advice to make sure that every concern by expats is well addressed.

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