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Immigration Services in Belize

There are a number of permits for various purposes that are granted by the Belizean government, such as the Tourist visa, the Visitor permit, the temporary work permit, the student permit and the dependent permit. The 30 day, renewable tourist visa is issued free on arrival for citizens of the European Union, the United States, the Caribean Community, the British Commonwealth, and a few other countries. Those not included will have to apply for one from a consulate before entering Belize. It costs 50 dollars a month for the initial six months, and 100 dollars a month for the second six months.

VisaFirst is a one-stop shop for anything and everything visa-related. Its vast experience in visa processing has made it among the top choices for expats to Belize or other countries. And why not, it does almost everything, from visa applications to visa preparations, to opening of bank accounts, to getting tax numbers, to sharing a thing or two about the desired destination, to name a few.

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