Essential Employment Paperwork in Bermuda



Bermuda doesn’t issue work visas to foreign nationals. Instead, the government issues a work permit to the company in behalf of the employee so expats must first find a prospective Bermuda-based employer. 

The government of Bermuda protects the local job market and places utmost priority to its citizens when it comes to work opportunities, hence a labour law that requires all companies to search for a local Bermudian candidate first before considering hiring foreign nationals. If the employer does not find a Bermudian national suited for the job, the company may begin applying for a work permit of the foreign national candidate. Foreigners should take note that they can only choose one prospective employer to make the work permit application for them in case they are offered the job. All applications are subject to the discretion and approval of the Bermuda Work Permit Authority. 

Types of Work Permit 

Bear in mind that only the employer can apply for a work permit and an expatriate can only enter Bermuda upon receiving permission. There are six types of work permit but the most commonly issued are as follows: 

Standard Work Permit

The standard work permit allows all organisations based in Bermuda to hire expatriates given that they have proven that no Bermudian or Permanent Resident’s Certificate (PRC) holder is interested or qualified for the job post. The validity period for this permit ranges from one up to five years. 

Periodic Work Permit 

This type of permit allows a non-resident individual to make multiple visits to Bermuda for a certain period. However, expats under the periodic work permit can only stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days per visit. 

Short-Term Work Permit 

The short term work permit is only valid up to six months and can be used by all Bermudan employers, including non-profit organisations, religious institutions and registered charities to employ expatriates. 

Important Reminders for Work Permit Holders         

Expats who have a work permit are not allowed to immigrate to Bermuda and are mostly required to leave the island once their employment contract is done. Take note as well that the work permit is only valid for one job, one employer and one location. Foreign nationals are strictly prohibited to have more than one job, to freelance or seek employment from another employer. 

Furthermore, expats aspiring to work in Bermuda are expected to hold at least a graduate degree, Master’s Degree, or a PhD from a reputable university. In terms of relevant work experience and professional qualifications, they should already be earning at least $100,000 a year in gross salary. Without these qualifications, the chances of a foreign national getting hired in Bermuda are highly unlikely.