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Bermuda has long been attracting not just tourists but also foreign nationals that are in seek of employment. And though this beautiful island is already mesmerising as it is, expats bound here should keep their eyes off from the turquoise waters for a moment and focus on a highly important thing: their healthcare. 

Healthcare in Bermuda is very expensive, approximately the same as the cost of medical services in the U.S. Unfortunately, the local government does not have a state-funded or private health service that can offer free medical care to Bermudian nationals and foreigners. Additionally, Bermuda does not have reciprocal health care agreements with other countries such as USA and Canada. And though Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, expats from the United Kingdom will not receive here the same medical or healthcare benefits that they are entitled to in their homeland. Health insurance is mandatory for all foreign nationals entering the island regardless if they are only visiting or planning to stay for an extended period. The local government deemed that for the best interest of foreigners, they should be able to protect themselves against any emergency medical situations or untimely demise while in Bermuda. 

Mandatory Health Insurance for Employees 

As per the Bermuda Health Insurance Act that was passed in 1970, all local and Bermuda-based international companies are required by law to provide and pay for the health plan of all their local and expatriate employees. A majority of the plans offered to the employees must be provided by a majority-Bermudan owned companies that are licensed by the local government. Below is the list of the approved private Bermudan medical/health insurance companies: 

Employers have the flexibility to choose the type of health insurance plan they will provide to their employees and all workers are required by law to accept and sign up for the company provided plan. Workers cannot choose the type of health insurance plan they want to have with their employer, nor can they opt out of the local policy in case they have international health insurance coverage. Employees and employers can split the cost of healthcare into half. The company is also required to bear a portion of the health insurance cost to cover the unemployed spouse and qualified dependent/s of the employee. 

Private Healthcare for Business People 

Meanwhile, foreign nationals who are going to Bermuda for leisure or business purposes are recommended to take private health insurance before arrival on the island, as they will not be covered by the local health insurance plans provided by Bermuda companies only for their Bermuda-based workers. Consequently, those coming to live and retire in Bermuda are also required to have private health insurance coverage. They can choose a policy from the Bermuda Government’s HIP, Bermuda local health insurance providers, or an international health insurance company with coverage in Bermuda.

Doctors and Hospitals in Bermuda 

While healthcare services in Bermuda are top of the line, with qualified doctors and medical staff to attend to patient’s needs, it is still not equipped to handle very serious medical conditions. For patients who need intensive or extensive medical treatment, they will be likely transferred to a medical facility outside of Bermuda, most likely in the U.S. Costs for such transferable will have to be shouldered by the patient. This country also has various private clinics in the island, as well as private medical doctors. 

Bermuda does not have any private hospitals, but the island has one general hospital – the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) located in the capital, Hamilton. KEMH is an accident and emergency hospital equipped with an intensive care unit (ICU), obstetric unit, dialysis unit, and several other speciality units. Aside from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital the two other major hospitals in Bermuda are: 

  • Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute

44 Devon Springs Road

Devonshire  FL01


Tel: 441 236-3770 

  • Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre

1 Hall Street


St George’s


Tel: 441 298-7700


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