Business Health Insurance in Bermuda

Corporate health insurance in Bermuda is highly appreciated by both local and expat employees, especially as there is no national health insurance system in the British territory. On top of that, medical costs are very high, most of the time even higher than in the United States. Purchasing individual health insurance is also expensive, making employee health benefits highly valued in Bermuda.

Cigna offers a wide selection of services and products for different business sizes and even includes employer-sponsored coverage.


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IMG is a leader in the international insurance industry and offers comprehensive corporate insurance packages for working expats in Bermuda and in other countries. This world-class firm has an employer-sponsored group insurance policies that are flexible and expansive, and can cover life insurance, dental insurance, as well as daily disability indemnity. This product is sure to fascinate expats as it is also fully customizable and can include enhanced benefit options and long-term disability insurance.

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