Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Bermuda

Travel insurance multi trip in Bermuda is best for people coming to the British territory nation multiple times a year, such as foreign businessmen scouting for profitable opportunities. The destination has become an attractive option for investments, with its productivity growth of 1.4 precent per annum from 1996-2010 being identical to the average growth of G7 countries in the last ten years.


Expatriates in Bermuda and worldwide are counting on the multi-trip travel coverage offered by International Medical Group. Besides top notch products, globally competitive customer service professionals are at the core of IMG’s operations, making the best healthcare benefits possible for millions of individuals and companies around the globe for more than 20 years today.

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For expats in Bermuda and the world over, international insurance is simply a must. Insurance ensures that protection will be obtained during emergency situations overseas, where local insurance does not apply. Atlas Professional by MultiNational Underwriters is a specialist in providing this kind of security through multi-trip coverage. Because only one policy is involved for all trips within a span of one year, a plan holder can even save money, as opposed to buying a separate policy for each and every trip.

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