QROPS in Bermuda

Converting a UK pension to QROPS in Bermuda is possible with the right advice from QROPS professionals. There are around 600 Britons living in Bermuda today, making up at least 30.6% of the immigrant population. QROPS is a pension scheme that allows UK pensioners to enjoy their money more through tax breaks and increased investment flexibility, among other benefits..

Windsor Pensions, a UK-based pensions expert, helps UK expats in Bermuda transfer their pensions to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). These QROPS solutions are managed by some of EU’s best asset managers, giving expats vast opportunities to maximise their pensions.

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The Horizon International Pension Plan introduced by Gower Pensions Management is a promising investment in QROPS that will most certainly benefit the interested expat, whether he be in Bermuda or in another country. The support system provided by Gower will make sure that despite the numerous requirements, the expat will not get lost in the sea of benefits.

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Providing valuable information and support is a key trait of Gerrards International that makes them stand out in the field of QROPS investments. It couples their know-how with excellent customer service, providing expats in Bermuda and other countries all that they need in order to make their investment a success.

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