Tax Advisory in Bermuda

Expat tax in Bermuda is based mainly on events as well as stamp and customs duties, but there is no income tax system at all. All employees pay national contributions, including foreign workers, but only locals can enjoy benefits. The British territory also has no tax treaties with any nation, but expats are advised to check if they are required to pay taxes to their home countries.

There are different systems governing expat tax credits, deductions and exclusions, depending on the country. For the full benefits of the system to work, including the avoidance of penalties, it is wise to secure professional guidance. Andrew Baker, from the UK, provides expats in Bermuda his over thirty-year expertise in personal taxation services.

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Expats would normally choose not to concern themselves with their tax liabilities, and understandably so. Tax concerns are very problematic, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Tax Advisory Expatriates understands this and provides their expats to Bermuda and other countries the luxury of being worry-free, at very reasonable terms.

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