New Tech & Movers - Surveying Your Belongings

18 March 2013


Packing and dealing with movers is all part of being an expat. It is often one of the more time consuming and stressful parts about relocating. First you have to find quality international movers, which will require thorough research, phone calls, online search, reading customer reviews and then comes the quoting process...


To find the best price you may have at least 2 or 3 movers visit your house to assess your belongings and provide price estimates that you can compare. Not only it can end up being a waste of time due the fact you have to go through the same process with the different moving companies, but also it can  become possible security threat by letting a stranger into your home.


However, with the help of new advancements in online and mobile technology, you can now cut the hassle out of your move!


1/ Unpakt is an online platform that allows you to submit your inventory list just once, receive instant quotes from a number of experienced moving companies that bid for the job.



2/ Moveline takes moving convenience to the next level so you can do everything on your iPhone! Moveline’s iPhone app enables you to take a video of your home to survey all your stuff; you can also use the FaceTime video chat feature to give the agent a virtual tour so that they can create a detailed inventory or your belongings. The great thing about these services it that the price is guaranteed so the final cost won’t surprise you.



3/ Move Hero is another web platform that offers help with moving giving you instant price estimates based on the size of your residence. Move Hero focuses on providing trustworthy moving estimates for users to compare and connecting users to top-notch movers, based on their strict quality assurance screening method. 



Despite these great innovations, not everything can be done without a visit from a qualified agent. For example if you have a piano, you have to be aware that if it contains ivory keys it may fall under strict regulations, which could mean that it’s not allowed into the country or would involve additional costs. Unless you ensure to provide detailed and accurate descriptions of all your stuff you could end up with critical information being left out, which could cause problems when bringing items into a new country.


Though in the end, any new technology and innovation aimed at simplifying moving is a step in the right direction.