Top 3 Fitness Apps for an Expat Lifestyle

24 July 2013



As more and more of us become completely dependent on having our phones with us, it turns out that your smartphone might just be your best fitness buddy! Fitness apps are booming, there are plenty of apps out there to help you burn off extra kilos (or pounds) and keep in shape. Between constant travel, settling into new surroundings, busy schedules and being away from the support of friends or family, it sometimes feels like it’s too hard to slot in time to do some exercise and to stay motivated. However there are apps specially designed for people on the go, which are great for busy expat lifestyles.


1/ Starters


Starters is a free fitness app available for iPhone, that was brought to life to find a fitness solution around a busy expat lifestyle since the CEO and Founder, Kristrun Hjartar, as an expat herself found it difficult to stay fit while trying to juggle her busy career and being away from her usual exercise buddies. What is great about this app is that it helps you get started with a 10 minute workout video, which you can do virtually anywhere at any time. It also keeps you motivated by incorporating social networking features using Facebook to assemble a team of friends and family to help support and motivate you to stay on track of your fitness goals.


2/ Nexercise


The Nexercise app offers a fun attitude to fitness, aiming to keep users motivated through a game-like approach. The app offers incentives by awarding prizes for physical activity, where even a few minutes of walking will earn you rewards! You will need to keep the phone on you while you  exercise (e.g. pocket or armband)to get full credit for the activity you do, but you can play with your friends, receive support and keep track of your progress so you can stay active. Nexercise is a free app and is available for download through Apple’s App Store and Google play.


3/ RunKeeper


RunKeeper is a popular mobile app with over 20 million people using it to keep in shape. This app will transform your phone into your personal trainer, tracking your fitness activities, stats, progress and even gives you audio coaching! RunKeeper uses GPS to track where you run, walk or cycle so that you can get detailed stats about your pace, distance and time. For extra support and motivation, you can share your progress and activities with friends on Facebook, Twitter and This app is free and available for iOS and Android phones.