Best Ways To Support Your Country’s Team While Living Abroad

27 August 2013



“There is no stopping a sports fan from following his team” in some cases though, following your team is harder than usual. There is a bit of awkwardness in supporting your team while living abroad, especially if your team is a fierce rival of the country where you’re staying. Even so, here are a few things you can still do to keep your nail biting, teeth grinding, heart ripping, adrenaline pumping fan flame alive!


Find A Group


Sports fans come in groups anywhere in the world. It should not be too difficult to find people who support the same team you do in the country where you’re currently residing. Finding a “fandom” you can exchange sports banter with is the best way to voice out your opinions without offending a lot of people. Go round pubs and follow people with the right colour of face paint and that should lead you to your team. If that proves to be difficult, go online and find groups or organizations following your team and try to get together with groups. Following sports is also a good way to meet new people and gain associations while living abroad.


Sports Bars


Do a bit of research and you might find sports bars or pubs that are fashioned exactly for the sports you follow. Irish pubs which commonly showcase football, is very common all over the world. When you’ve found your kind of sports bar, you can easily find people who support the same team you do. Even if you prefer to fly solo, being in a very heavy sports environment is a good simulation of the home court feeling. Be mindful that you are still in a public place and while there might be people who support your team, there might also be people who support different teams.  Friendly banter is encouraged, but it’s always best to avoid a real brawl.


Subscribe To Sports Channels


With all the media and technology we have these days, you don’t always have to be in your home country to be able to follow your home team avidly. There are several cable companies all around the globe that offer sports packages as well as websites and blogs that you can check out. You can make an event out of it and have a viewing party at your place with your buddies. In the comforts of your own home, you can definitely let it all hang out! Maybe get your face paint on and bring out your favourite jerseys, scream out or rant all you want without worrying about offending people who support the opposing team.


Special Events


Keep an eye out during the biggest events during your sport’s season. You might find special promos and deals on different bars, pubs and restaurants that showcase your sport. While you may be watching it on a big screen as opposed to being there live, the spirit of being around a crowd of sports fans cheering different teams while having drinks and food showing the same spirit is sure to beat your “home court sickness”.