5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job

24 July 2014


5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog


The expat lifestyle offers many opportunities for professional and personal growth, which is why it is not a surprise to learn that the number of expats worldwide has increased significantly over the past few years. For those who want to start an expat life, or for those who are looking for tips for a new direction in their lives as a professional expat, here are five of the most effective tips to land an expat job.


1. Research

5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog



Before you dive in into the expat world, do some due diligence and find out more about what it means to be an expat. Read about the expat lifestyle and see what kind of jobs welcome expats or if your current job is prominent in your selected host country. Know how to pick your country of expatriation. If you think you already have your dream job, but you just want to experience living as an expat, you can also try to talk to your superiors and see if they would be able to send you on an expat assignment. Gather as much information as you can about labour laws and the job market, and find out what type of job recruitment platforms are popular and effective in your chosen country of expatriation.


2. Fine Tune Your CV

5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog



Don’t underestimate the power of your CV. Review your own body of work and try to adapt it to fit in the local market of your host country. Have your experiences laid out in a way that will make you useful in the global and local process of any company that you apply for. If you haven’t moved to your new host country or if you simply haven’t decided where to move yet, you can create a Linkedin profile, or if you already have one, adjust your profile to show that you are exploring global opportunities. You might receive an offer along the line that can help you decide where to move as an expat.


3. Networking

5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog



Most people underestimate the power of networking and referrals when it comes to job hunting. For expats, this is one of the best ways to get a job and be a part of a community at the same time. Networking points you to the right direction of companies and people who are willing to hire expats. By gaining contacts in the expat community, you will also have more info about the types of expat jobs and expat lifestyle in your chosen country. If mingling and networking is not really your thing, you can start small by joining expat job forums online or through social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Google+, then gradually try to join in their community events.


4. Identify the Right Expat Job Market 

5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog



Learn to identify the type of expat job market available in different countries so that you may be able to adapt your experience and skills more to what is available in your chosen host country. Target global companies; multi-national corporations tend to have a more accommodating attitude towards expats especially cause they would have more use for people who have experience beyond the local market.


5. Give it Your 100% Commitment

5 Tips for Finding an Expat Job - ExpatFinder Blog



Deciding to be an expat shouldn’t be a halfhearted decision; this is a big, possibly life altering decision that you should be 100% committed to. Before you arrive to your chosen host country or as soon as you arrive, you should already have a dedicated schedule in finding a job. You are not a tourist. Don’t worry; you will have more time to sight-see when you’re already a resident. Your primary goal is to explore all options to be able to find all available opportunities for you. Don’t be too picky when sending your CV, send applications to every job opportunity available. After that, you can make your own short list of options once you receive the response from different companies.


The expat lifestyle definitely opens doors to a bright future. You have to be open and prepared for all opportunities while living abroad. With the proper knowledge, the right attitude and a little effort, you could land the perfect expat job.    




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