Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas

27 October 2014

The different economies and major industries of each country create different kinds of demands for work. Countries with a high demand for a particular type of professional or skilled worker may offer a higher compensation and even offer handsome work packages for expat workers that fit their requirements. Expat jobs usually have a high salary or complete expatriate company package that include accommodations, allowances, family packages etc. so if you think you’re getting paid lower than you’re worth, maybe you’re just living in the wrong country. Here are the top 10 jobs that pay higher overseas and the best countries you can move to get them.


1. Doctors

1. Doctors


 Salary Range: USD $130,000 - $290,000 a year

 Qualifications: Medical Degree, Medical License, Degree of Expertise

 Best Countries for the Job: The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland


Most doctors really do have high salaries almost anywhere, but as always the demand in some countries can contribute to making a regular high paying profession a higher paying expat profession. Doctors who have all the necessary qualifications have better chances at a bigger salary in countries such a The Netherlands, Australia and Belgium.


2. Outsourcing Executive


 Salary Range: USD $35,000 - $250,000 a year

 Qualifications: Sales and Management Degree, Outsourcing Experience

 Best Countries for the Job: India, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria, The Philippines, Canada


Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is a popular expat industry. Most BPO executives are sent as expats in different parts of the world especially in the most popular outsourcing countries such as India and the Philippines. There are many types of outsourcing, but most outsourcing industry expat executives command a high salary as well as a generous expat package of accommodation, travel and transportation and sometimes even a meal allowance. India remains the best place in the world for outsourcing with major IT outsourcing firms such as Unisys and TCS and also call centres such as Aegis, IBM and Genpact. Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Belarus are also advancing in terms of IT outsourcing while countries like The Philippines and Canada has also excelled in call centres and customer service BPOs.


3. Airline Pilot


 Salary Range: USD $32,000 - $250,000 a year

 Qualifications: Aviation Diploma and Certification, Expert Experience

 Best Countries for the Job: China, Hong Kong, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia


Being an airline pilot is one of the most common dream jobs of a child. Of course, it doesn’t really hurt to know that they are paid loads of money to travel around either. There may be a lot of responsibility placed on the shoulders of airline pilots and it’s definitely not an easy job to do, but airline pilots are very well paid due to the fact that the world is currently experiencing a shortage of airline pilots. Like most jobs in this list, the salaries of airline pilots also depend on where they are employed. As a pilot, if you want to get the best salaries for your profession, the airlines that pay the most for their pilots are located mostly in Asia namely China with China Airlines and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific, and of course the Middle East with Qatar Airways and Emirates, just to name a few. 


3. Finance Jobs


 Salary Range: USD $50,000 - $200,000 a year

 Qualifications: Business Degree to start then an MBA

 Best Countries for the Job: Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan


Yes, finance jobs like Finance Directors, Financial Analysts and Financial Managers are already high paying in general, but in some countries being an expat financier pays way more than average. Currently, the major cities in Asia offer a lot of opportunities for finance and banking jobs. Companies like Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch have set up headquarters in major Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. HSBC, rooted in Hong Kong and Shanghai is also one of the largest contributors in terms of expat employment in Asia. Of course, the better qualifications and experiences you have, the better chances you’ll get a higher position in this industry.


5. I.T. Jobs


 Salary Range: USD $50,000 - $150,000 a year

 Qualifications: I.T./Computer Engineering/Programming/Software Development Degree

 Best Countries for the Job: Germany, Belarus, Korea, India, Japan, China


IT is a broad field, but even the smallest IT position can command a high salary especially if you know where to go. IT jobs are always in demand in any major city in the world, but if you go to countries like Germany, Belarus, the UAE and China, you may expect a huge salary bump especially if you have the skills and experience to back up your basic IT degree. Samsung in Korea and TCS in India are just a few of the biggest employers in the tech industry today all of which offer better compensation in their headquarters with more demand like in the countries we’ve mentioned above.


6. Pharmacist

6. Pharmacist


 Salary Range: USD $65,000 - $135,000 a year

 Qualifications: Pharmacy Degree, Post-Graduate Training, Pharmacist License

 Best Countries for the Job: U.S.A., Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand


Pharmacist is one of the most underrated jobs in the world, most people don’t realise the importance of pharmacists as health practitioners and as such in some countries, they may not be well compensated. In countries like the Singapore, Ireland and even the U.S., salaries for pharmacists has been increasing in recent years due to the increased demand in pharmaceutical care in these countries.


7. Oil & Gas Engineers


 Salary Range: USD $35,000 - $115,000 a year

 Qualifications: Engineering Degree, Oil Industry Experience

 Best Countries for the Job: Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, China, The Philippines


This job is arguably the hardest on this list and it is the only literal “offshore” expat job in the list as well. Oil and gas engineers, especially senior engineers get very well compensated for all their hard work. Even the smallest kind of work in an oil rig for manual labour can command at least $ 36,000 a year. The best places for the oil industry are listed above with Australia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. leading the pack for better compensation and packages for their expat oil and gas engineers.


8. Engineers

8. Engineers


 Salary Range: USD $50,000 - $102,992 a year

 Qualifications: Specific Engineering Degree, Expert Experience

 Best Countries for the Job: Germany, India, UAE, China, Canada, Australia


Engineers have to be highly skilled and proficient in their work but they are not always very well paid. Like most professionals, the salary of engineers depends on the demand for their skill in a certain country. The countries with the most need for engineers are also willing to pay more to support foreign talent and satisfy the demand. Germany needs a lot of mechanical and electrical engineers for their extensive manufacturing industry. India needs a lot of software and computer engineers for their growing software industry and the UAE and other middle eastern companies have a high demand for electrical, civil and mechanical engineers for their growing construction and manufacturing industry.


9. Skilled workers


 Salary Range: USD $35,000 - $85,000 a year

 Qualifications: Vocational Diploma for Specific Skill, Certification for Skill, Expert Experience in Specific Skill

 Best Countries for the Job: Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Germany


Skilled labourers are paid very handsomely depending on where they are working. Countries like Canada can pay welders as much as 83,000 Canadian Dollars a year for construction and manufacturing needs. Australia has imposed a minimum salary for overseas skilled workers of at least $41,850 a year. So if you are a skilled worker thinking there won’t be a bright future for you, think again! You might just be in the wrong country for your skill.


10. English Teachers


 Salary Range: USD $24,000 - $50,000 a year

 Qualifications: English Teaching Degree, Excellent English Communication Skills  

 Best Countries for the Job: UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea


English teachers may not be paid very well in English speaking countries, but in the Asian business market, they are valuable workers. English teachers are paid quite a lot to teach “Business English” to high profile executives in cities like Dubai, Seoul and Tokyo. ESL teachers upon average may receive $2,400 to $5,000 a month or more, depending on their qualifications and their clientele.