5 Most Isolated Countries in the World

5 March 2015


There are many different ways of travelling to various countries, planes, ships, trains, buses, cars etc. Still, believe it or not, there are some places that are so remote and inaccessible that even the most modern means of transport cannot easily get you there. These countries are so isolated for various reasons, some of them because of political unrest, others because of travelling bans or even rough terrain.


While it is not for everyone, the secrecy only makes them more tempting for thrill seekers to uncover. If that is you, here is a list of the top five off-the-beaten-track countries in the world.


 1. Nauru


Photo: Sean Kelleher


Nauru is actually the least visited country in the world and one of the biggest reasons for that is its size! Nauru is one of the islands in Micronesia, and that “micro” tells a lot about this country, which is so small that you can walk through it in just a couple of hours. This is really true so if you manage to visit it you can tell everyone you have jogged the whole country in only one morning.


Here comes the difficult part – finding a way to get to Nauru. Well, first you will have to go to Brisbane in Australia, where you will likely have to stall there for a couple of days since Nauru’s national airline flies only once a week. Do not let yourself get surprised if that flight gets cancelled suddenly, but if you are so lucky to catch the plane then you will first visit Solomon Islands before finally arriving at Nauru.


Rumor says that there is only one taxi driver on the island so you will probably have to walk while trying to find a proper accommodation, but since it is a small country that should not be a problem. ou will finally get the chance to enjoy in Nauru’s miles-long white-sand beaches, beautiful ocean and comfortable climate. 


2. Eritrea


Photo: David Stanley


Eritrea is a small country in Africa which has a lot to offer, but the only problem is that its government lacks sense of hospitality when it comes to tourism.


This mysterious country has so many historical, natural and architectural wonders many visitors would love to see, but its complicated political situation and even more complicated procedure of getting required permissions is pushing people away. The entire process usually takes six to eight weeks, so one could get frustrated and gave up on the idea of paying a visit.


But, those rare tourists who have had a chance to go to Eritrea were only too fascinated with the things they have seen and that, is the reason why there are still many adventurers waiting in line for a tourist visa. 


3. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Photo: Oxfam International


This African country has really a long history of wars and violence. For decades, DR Congo lacks true stability, making it one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Years and years of war and genocide have torn this country apart and the humanitarian crisis is the reason why Congo is the second poorest nation in the world.


This is a beautiful country but all of these terrible things happening in it is pushing people away, so the only “tourists” are actually members of different humanitarian organisations, but even them, are starting to avoid it. 


4. North Korea

North Korea

Photo: Bryan Hughes


North Korea is probably the most controversial country in the world, constantly opposing USA and other countries. It is under various travel bans and sanctions for almost six decades and only rare people had the chance to visit it.


Every now and then, some new, often very contradictory, views about North Korea shows up on the net. Some say it is a beautiful country with happy and warm people, but others describe it as a big prison or even dungeon.


Visiting North Korea is almost impossible because one needs a special permission from its leader Kim Jong-Un, and he is not fond of foreigners. Mystery around this country stays untouched and that makes it so attractive for curious visitors.


5. Zimbabwe


Photo: Aidan "Trig" Brooks


Zimbabwe was once the seat of the mighty Rowzi Shona dynasty. Its urban culture is greatly influenced by Western culture and education, but traditional values and crafts continue to thrive in the rural areas.


Since 1980, when this African country achieved its independence, the political climate has been so tense with President Robert Mugabe who ruled the country with the tight grip. Zimbabwe is the poorest nation in the world whose history is filled with wars, violence, genocide, poverty and dictatorship. Despite the dangers the country poses, it still continues to attract many visitors to experience the natural magnificence of the place.