5 Friendliest Countries in Asia

12 May 2015


The people and the culture of each country always play a factor when we decide to move or visit. There are so many interesting cultures, traditions, behaviour and practices all over the world, but what stands out the most has always been the ability of the locals to welcome visitors to share and enjoy their culture. Here are five of the friendliest cities in Asia that will surely take you in and welcome you with arms wide open.


1. Cambodia



Cambodia is a small country compared to its neighbouring nations but its history is a rich and colorful one. Khmer people are easy to associate with. You will notice that their ways are strongly reflective of their religious orientations as well as their ethnicity. Used to a volume of tourists visiting the country, the locals are hospitable and warm and do not really mind the businesses of foreigners, who are usually transient inhabitants of the city.


There are many holidays celebrated by the Khmer people that are either religious or spiritual in nature, and these celebrations have become reasons for tourist attractions and visits. You will observe their fascination for herbal concoctions and potions, served as medicines to the residents. Magical tattoos are also common practices used to ward off negative elements as well as for ornamental reasons. Try having one of them and experience the feel of being one with the Khmers.


2. Japan



You would easily lose yourself when in Japan. The state-of-the-art technology, elaborate fashions, and exemplary craftsmanship will take you in awe, drawn to their beauty and sophistication of another kind. Everything the Japanese does is presented with intricacy and style. Art defines their actions and their hospitality embraces the same principle.


It is said that Japan has perfected its hospitality that is started with a warm welcome, an elaborate service in dining and a ceremonious interaction between a host and visitor. Sometimes, the visitors get so wrapped up in heart-to-heart chats that they forget what the meeting was all about in the first place. Courtesy and respect are the basics in Japanese cultures. They believe that symbiosis and mutuality will make life less complicated and more enjoyable. Bowing, a common way to greet in Japan, has made the country known to be one of the most courteous places in Asia.


3. Laos



A landlocked place, Laos has remained orthodox in many ways. Laotians are non-radical group of people divided by different ethnic orientations and religious beliefs. The people are warm and inviting and are accustomed to hospitality in dealing with visitors and tourists. They have a sense of generosity that makes people want to blend in by knowing the modest ways of the inhabitants. They have an uncomplicated ways and are easily able to relate with foreigners despite possible language barriers and contrasting cultural background.


Their strong conviction for life preservation and its natural surroundings make their place more convivial to nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. You will also get enticed by the way they have maintained a relationship with the animals based on rapport and the extent of the care and preservation they have done to secure the welfare of these creatures as they co-exist with the wild life.


4. Philippines



Hospitality is one definitive trait of Filipinos. You will feel the warmth of the place regularly in every Filipino that you will meet. Smiling and congenial, kind and accommodating, these among many others make the place not just a city to visit, but a home to live in. Many foreigners have been enticed by the wonders of the Philippines.


With the many cities it has, the beaches and mountains as well as ravines, the insurmountable richness of the country will never leave you idle in the entire duration of your visit. Being the sole Catholic-dominated country in the whole of Asia, Philippines holds a number of festivities that have drawn as many tourists over the years. Beauty has also defined the Philippines. The major cities of Manila, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao are known to have cradled beautiful women and stout men. Bounded with the major bodies of water and having more than 7,100 islands and islets, the place have proved to be one of the many best and friendliest place to reside and retire. Have a taste of life in beauty and magnificence, visit the Pearl of the Orient Seas. 


5. Thailand



Foreigners travel in the Thailand and visit the beautiful city of Bangkok. Fine dining, a luxurious experience, a thriving place for tourist, and opulent hotel accommodations are the budding reasons why you must not miss this place. Though with a strict policy governing the hotel industry due to the wide-spread of prostitution in the country, the action has made positive effect on the people and its flourishing tourism industry. The people of Thailand are recognised as friendly and helpful people. They always take pride in being the warmest smile-greeting people in Asia and have lived to be so despite the challenges faced by its economy and government.


So what are you waiting for? Be on your way to visit these wonderful places in the East



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