Top Travel Tips for the Busy Expats

26 August 2015


People enjoy traveling. Indeed, traveling is among the top wishes of almost everyone we know. Very frequently, you can hear people saying that their life goal is to travel all over the world, to meet new cultures, history, tradition and other inhabitants. And honestly, the excitement you feel shortly before your traveling adventure starts is unexplainable and inexplicable. However, all of you who have traveled so far know that such a luxury may cause complications and issues. Sometimes they can even lead you to the edge of insanity. The reasons are innumerable but the one you are most certainly familiar with considers travel gears and packing issues. The problem becomes even worse if you travel a lot and move all the time, just like many expats around the world do. Then you constantly get into issues of what to pack, whether to bring the large or small suitcase or to pack everything you have and then pay additional fees just for your luggage. Having in mind how hard it can be to pack stuff in a short period, we present several pieces of advice to help you pack all you need while still being able to carry your luggage.


Choose an Appropriate Bag or Suitcase

Choose an Appropriate Bag or Suitcase

Photo: Jen Gallardo

Bloggers who write about travel gears try to encode the eternal mystery of whether to take a bag or a suitcase when traveling. That is why they tested both of them and discovered that carry-on bags are better than suitcases when it comes to short trips, because they allow you more space and thus more belongings for carrying. But if we speak of long-distance trips, then suitcases are inevitable. They can endure the long flights; their wheels are built to last, and they can handle more than five-day trips. However, you should never doubt whether to take a backpack because it is a must-have on any trip. Wherever you go, a backpack is one of the most useful things you have brought.


Clothes and Shoes

Clothes and Shoes

Photo: Kiran SRK

Always carry comfortable clothes and shoes. If your trip is strictly for business purposes, then business clothing will be the majority of your luggage. However, before the trip you should conduct a short research on the place, country and city where you will be staying. So, gather all the necessary info on the climate, season, temperature, and possible weather forecast during your stay. Once you collect all the relevant info, you will be able to pack your clothes and shoes you might need. Don't carry too many shoes or clothes. On the contrary, if you think you under-packed then it is the right load. Still, you don’t want to leave at home the most necessary clothes and shoes. So, be careful to have travel pants, jeans, sweater in case of cold weather, collared shirts and T-shirts, socks and of course underwear. Bear in mind that you don’t need a huge wardrobe. Therefore, you will need one or two pieces of each clothing item we mentioned above (except for socks and underwear). When it comes to shoes, we already said that too many pairs of shoes is not good for your load. That is why we advise you to have one pair for the trip, hiking shoes in case you need them, and sandals for more casual variants.




Photo: Karol Gajda

You never know what to expect to find in your accommodation when traveling. That is why you should always carry toiletry in your suitcase. Of course, large bottles are not practical. For that reason, most of the people who travel a lot have small toiletry bottles that are practical for carrying but that still contain all the liquids you will need. They are usually placed in a toiletry kit that does not take a lot of space in your luggage.




Photo: Robert S. Donovan

The technological era imposes us to carry technological devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and so on. It is almost unimaginable to travel without such devices. So, don't forget to pack them. You should also pack USB sticks and memory cards, you always need them. Of course, it would not be called a trip, if you don’t capture some of the most exciting moments of it. Therefore, the camera is an inevitable part of your electronic luggage. If you are a book-lover, then carrying books around may be a bit difficult. We advise you to pack Kindle in your suitcase. After packing all the electronic equipment, you are ready to hit the road.


Other Sundries


Photo: dana robinson

There are always small but helpful whatnots you need during your trips. You pack them just in case you need them, and such a case is almost every time. Among them are sunglasses, earplugs, small multi-tool, headlamp, luggage locks and so on. Therefore, don’t hesitate to carry them in your luggage. They may spare you having issues.

So, traveling can be both enjoyable and stressful experience. But if you want to avoid stress and packing issues then read this article, make your personal packing list and start being an experienced expat that does not have travel issues. Enjoy the traveling, enjoy the life!



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