The World's Best Healthcare Systems for Expats Abroad

3 December 2015


Living away from the luxuries of home can be a bit inconvenient for expats, especially when you fall ill or have something that needs immediate medical attention. You don’t know what lies ahead. The fees, the culture of the medical team, how you’re going to be treated while in their care, how you are going to handle the medical bills, how you can get money to pay the bills, and it just goes on. Especially when you are living alone in a new country or place. Yes, we all get sick one time or another, especially when we are adapting to another climate, environment and a whole new set of medical situations. The best solution is for expats like you and me to avail of health care while abroad. Check out the best healthcare systems for expats abroad.



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Almost all expats living in France would agree that it has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It has been consistent given a boost by various studies worldwide. The Gallic system is especially recognized for its unparalleled services for expatriated retirees.


Most expats describe the healthcare system in France as the best in the world and at the same time, affordable. Their healthcare system is known for excellent benefits, extensive coverage of medical cost of the medical services including physician’s visits, hospital accommodation and outpatient prescription medications.


You will also find it simpler to deal with France’s health care systems because most of the medical workers and staff in primary hospitals in major cities speak English, making it easier to communicate delicate situations with them. Many French health care systems cover 70% of medical costs and for more serious illnesses up to 100 percent.


On the other hand, just an insight, it is also well-known that the French healthcare system collaborates the private and public sectors to provide a general health coverage for all citizens. It is said that majority of the medical bills are paid for by the French government as part of the funds from payroll and income taxes. The remaining balance of the bill is covered by private health insurances.




Another country that provides the best healthcare is Uruguay with all its variety of health care options including public health and medical care system for those who cannot afford to foot private health care. Their popular hospital plan is the ‘mutualista’ where expats can avail of very affordable healthcare but enjoy a lot of benefits.


The mutualista system puts Uruguay as among the countries with the best health care systems in the world. Doctors and specialists are trained in Europe and people under this system can avail of their services. The mutualista is similar to a ‘health-care concierge’. It only costs an average of $180 monthly and already covers most common medical procedures.




It is not surprising to include the Asian country of Taiwan as among the best healthcare systems in the world for expats. As you will discover, the simplicity of the rules for expats and the benefits makes it best for you. Expats believe that processing for this healthcare insurance is quite easy compared to most. It is also easily availed of.


Expats say that the quality of healthcare in Taiwan is also impressive, as compared to their home insurance. They also believe that the cost of availing of a healthcare in Taiwan is way lower than those back in their respective homes.



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The Netherlands scored 898 points out of 1,000 points in the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index for health care services. You will find out that Netherlands has corrected weak spots in their health care system, which is mostly accessibility, by setting up more than 150 primary care stations that can cater to open surgeries 24/7.


Most expats remark that the health care system in the Netherlands is less affected by politicians and bureaucrats compared to any other European country. This gives the health care operation a free hand to improve quality and provide better services to those availing of their features.



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Another European country that has one of the best health care systems for expats is Italy. They provide general health care to the whole population. The majority of the regions control the operations of the system, and the government provides mandatory assistance.


You will find that availing of health care in Italy is very affordable and easy to process. Expats also say that Italy provides quality health care. It is one of the top ten countries in the WHO list for best quality health services. Despite that the cost is very affordable, the system provides top-caliber medical services and care to expats who avail of them.


Access to doctors and specialists is readily available even in rural areas in Italy. Most European expats can avail of the Italian public health care owing to the health care agreements put in place by various European countries.


Despite growing concerns about healthcare, there are various health care systems around the world that are of high quality yet of affordable rates, specially designed for expats. Availing of these health care features is very important especially when you are far from home.



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