Why an Expat Life is a Healthy Life

2 July 2019

This article is presented by Axa

When we choose to move abroad, we do so for a variety of reasons; for work, for family, or just for a better way of life. Whatever the reason, becoming an expatriate can actually benefit you in more ways than you might at first imagine, especially when it comes to your health. We take a look at how and why the expat life can be a healthy one.


Change is Good for You

First, change can be great for you as it provides new opportunities to get out and experience new things. You’re forced to explore new environments and become more adaptable in your mindset while learning about new cultures and aspects of life you hadn't previously encountered or thought about.


These experiences can drive real growth, building mental flexibility and fortitude in those who had not considered themselves as such before. These kinds of changes can provide great long-term mental health benefits that are difficult to access without undergoing significant changes in circumstance.


Getting Out

One of the great things about relocating to a new country or city is exploring the location and its surroundings. Everyone knows that it’s healthy to move more and there’s no better excuse for expats than going out and having a look around your new home. Getting to know the area not only gets you out of the house and office but gives you a chance to learn more about the local culture and integrate yourself into the surroundings.


It doesn’t matter where in the world you are; you’ll always have something to go out and explore. Those in cities can tour all of the local cultural sites and attractions, while those in more remote locations have excellent opportunities to get away from civilisation and explore the countryside.


Don’t forget that you don’t even have to stay where you are. Many of the more popular expat destinations have excellent transport links and can act as a base from which to get out an explore even further. For example, those in South East Asia will find an enormous amount of low-cost flights that cover the region and open up new opportunities to get out and explore.


Staying Connected

Now that smartphones and mobile internet are nearly ubiquitous wherever you are in the world, there are so many more opportunities to get integrated into your new home. Whether it’s finding meetups or new activities by yourself, or your employer providing you with helpful information to get you sorted, it all works towards feeling more a part of your new surroundings.


Imposter syndrome can be a big problem for expatriates and those who have recently relocated, and this can have a significant adverse effect on mental health. Anything that can help you feel more at home and relaxed in your new surroundings is a great bonus.


Technology can also make sure that you stay in touch with your friends and family back home, helping you to feel less cut-off from your previous life.


The New Face of Healthcare

One of the more significant issues for expatriates can be access to quality (and affordable) healthcare, whether they are in a bustling metropolis or a more remote mining town. Luckily, the many insurers offering international health insurance now provide a wide array of options and services to ensure you’re looked after well, wherever you are.


Many also offer benefits as part of their packages of cover, including local knowledge and healthcare advice. They can even get around the scary prospect of having to see a doctor that doesn’t speak your language by offering a virtual doctor via video or phone, ensuring you can get quality medical advice wherever you are.


Wherever you are and whatever you're doing remember to embrace what there is to offer and keep your health on your mind. The opportunities for a healthy lifestyle with first-class medical support if the worst should happen are nearly infinite, so get out there are make the most of it!




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