21 May 2015

Top LinkedIn Networking Tips for Expats Abroad

An expat would always want to have the most convenient of adjustments while living abroad and this is made possible with a strategic networking, and the best social media outlet for industrial networking today is definitely LinkedIn. As expats abroad, you may already know about LinkedIn, you […] Read more

14 May 2015

The Most Nature-Friendly Countries in the World

The world is faced with Mother Nature’s threat and this has not only alarmed most of the continents but prompted many countries to take aggressive measures to save the planet and do serious damage controls. It is for this reason that some are known to be eco-friendly nations and have […] Read more

12 May 2015

5 Friendliest Countries in Asia

The people and the culture of each country always play a factor when we decide to move or visit. There are so many interesting cultures, traditions, behaviour and practices all over the world, but what stands out the most has always been the ability of the locals to welcome visitors to share […] Read more

7 May 2015

Cheapest Travel Destinations Around The World

Travelling has always been the healthiest and most effective stress-relieving activity. Unlike shopping and outdoor adventures or sports, it is travelling that brings the person outside of his comfort zone and create lasting memories that can last throughout their lives. Expats are no […] Read more

30 April 2015

5 Most Movie-Featured Countries in the World

You will wonder where all the breath-taking sceneries are located in the most popular movie series and sequels these days. Sometimes you even wonder if they existed. Sure, some are constructed from a Hollywood studio, but over the years, there are actually numerous locations in the world […] Read more

28 April 2015

10 Best Real Estate Countries for Expats

For expats thinking of relocating to another country, there are many things to consider and real estate should be one of the priorities. If you want to really own your home abroad, but not quite sure which countries can be ideal for your property, consider these ten best real estate […] Read more

23 April 2015

5 Best Sunsets in the World

As the saying goes, “no two sunsets are ever alike.” There will always be the difference in the scenery, the shape of the clouds, the hues, and the vantage point from where the viewer stands. These factors and many other are among the reasons that makes some places in the world […] Read more

21 April 2015

5 Safest Humanitarian Outreach Countries

Humanitarian outreach programs happen all over the world where there is a dire need for food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Mostly due to the grave devastation of wars, natural disasters or famine. Some of the aids rendered are short-term, while other […] Read more

16 April 2015

The Best Hotels In The World Today

Travelling also means that one should have lodging and a place to stay. We all mostly use hotels, and numerous times we have weighed between the two or more hotels where some were cheaper but lacked some contents and the others had it all but were more expensive. But what if all of us could […] Read more

14 April 2015

The World's Richest People in Real Estate

It is estimated that real estate is 12.7% higher in value today than several years ago. Also, another study from 2014 announced that real estate investments are going to be No. 1 in 2015 because great majority of billionaires plan to buy properties throughout this whole year. But why would […] Read more