27 October 2014

Top 10 Jobs That Pay Higher Overseas

The different economies and major industries of each country create different kinds of demands for work. Countries with a high demand for a particular type of professional or skilled worker may offer a higher compensation and even offer handsome work packages for expat workers that fit their […] Read more

17 October 2014

Top 10 Cities for Expat Adventurers

It’s not easy being an expat thrill seeker. You may be living abroad, but finding things to do for adventure may not be as easy as you thought. So for the expat adventure junkies out there, you may want to get your international insurance ready, cause we’ve compiled a list of […] Read more

9 October 2014

Top 10 Expat Odd Jobs in the World


Odd jobs are the best choices for most expat adventurers. These are the kind of jobs that gives way to new and exciting experiences, whether it’s another new destination or a new path in life altogether, no matter what it is, odd jobs tend to bring out people’s passion in life, […] Read more

3 October 2014

Top 10 Countries for Expat Foodies

In choosing your country for expatriation, two of the things you should mainly consider is the food and your interests. For expat foodies, these two important things just happen to go hand in hand. While food is always a major part of any culture, there are some countries in the world that […] Read more

25 September 2014

Top 10 Most Interesting Prisons in the World

Prisons, like many important architectural establishments say a lot about the culture, behavior and practices of a country. Prisons are also considered important landmarks and like city halls and museums, prisons can also show the heritage of a nation— just on a slightly grimmer note. […] Read more

18 September 2014

7 Staycation Ideas for Expats

The expat lifestyle may be fabulous and exciting, but let’s face it, the expat schedule can be a very busy and most expats don’t really have the time to take a nice long vacation somewhere far away; some don’t even have the time to visit home. We are expats already living […] Read more

11 September 2014

FIBA World Cup: Expats in the World of Basketball

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 is almost at a close, and we would love to share a few highlights of this year’s basketball world cup, in light of its most famous teams and expat players. Much like FIFA, FIBA is a melting pot of global expats gathered together to […] Read more

10 September 2014

iPhone 6's Most Useful Features For Expats

Photo: Downloadsource.es Tutoriales y descargas gratis Apple has announced its latest products, the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook hosted the launch of the new iPhones Tuesday, September 9, and will be in stores on September 19 (U.S. release date) while […] Read more

4 September 2014

The World's Best Places for Expat Pets

For some expats, pets are always factored into the decision when it comes to moving or relocating, they are part of the family, so they shouldn’t get left behind. Though relocating with your pets is never as simple as just buying them a plane ticket, there are some places in the world […] Read more

28 August 2014

Top 10 Countries for Expat Retirement

As an expat, when it comes to choosing a country for retirement, some countries are more suited than others, and while these countries are great in terms of the basic criteria for choosing a country for expat retirement like easy setup for QROPS, a low cost of living and a safe environment, […] Read more