17 June 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014 – Expat Profile: Cristiano Ronaldo Expat in Spain

Full Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Nickname: CR7, Ronaldo Country of Origin: Portugal Age: 29 Marital Status: Single Family: Girlfriend Irina Shayk, son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Current Club: Real Madrid FIFA Team: Portugal Expat in: Spain Interests: Cars, car […] Read more

17 June 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014 – Expat Profile: Lionel Messi Expat in Spain

Full Name: Lionel Andrés Messi Nickname: La Pulga (The Flea), Leo Country of Origin: Argentina Age: 26 Marital Status: Single Family: Girlfriend/Baby Momma Antonella Roccuzzo and son Thiago Messi Current Club: FC Barcelona FIFA Team: Argentina Expat in: […] Read more

16 June 2014

Follow the FIFA Expats’ World Cup with ExpatFinder.com

As reported by a study from your beloved Expatfinder.com, 66% of players attending the Brazil world cup are everyday expats! Explore all the facts with a detailed infographic shown above. When it comes to life as an Expat Football player, it all comes down to very […] Read more

5 June 2014

Top 10 Expat Dream Jobs

Image courtesy of www.udaipurtimes.com There is a lot more to living abroad than punching the same 9 to 5 clock under a different time zone. If you want to live the expat life to the fullest, then explore your options and see what other jobs are out there for you. Here’s a list of […] Read more

29 May 2014

Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance: What You Need To Know

Getting credit card travel medical insurance is very tricky. There are a lot of clauses that you need to be aware of in the fine print. Most people who travel are not even aware that their credit cards have automatic travel insurance benefits, which could save their lives and […] Read more

15 May 2014

7 Common Expat Travel Blunders and How To Avoid Them

Screenshot courtesy of: http://www.theupintheairmovie.com/ Expats are known as travel veterans, but that doesn’t mean that we are completely blunder proof when it comes to travelling. There are still a few things that you can forget as an expat traveller, it could be due to a very […] Read more

8 May 2014

5 Early Signs Of Becoming A Tropicalized Expat

There’s a vibe that floats around when you work in the tropics. The sun, the ambiance, the rich culture, there’s a calming sensation in the earth’s tropical region that just puts you in a certain type of mindset. You notice a few changes in the way you dress, the […] Read more

2 May 2014

5 Ways To Get Over A Divorce When You're An Expat

Image courtesy of: http://www.the guardian.com Divorce has become quite a common topic in recent years even in the expat community. While there are many debates regarding the data on international divorce, and there are several things to go over when it comes to filing a divorce per se, […] Read more

24 April 2014

The Least Murderous Places on Earth

Safety is one of the main points you have to consider when you’re an expat. As a foreigner living abroad, you can’t help but feel like there’s always a huge target mark on your back when it comes to crime just due to a simple fact that you are a foreigner. So you […] Read more

17 April 2014

6 Jobs That Will Take You Around The World

For those of you with insatiable wanderlust thinking, ‘what job is out there that require you to travel the world constantly and actually get paid for it?’ there are plenty of options when it comes to making a career out of being a nomad. If you want more from […] Read more